Baking Books

Baking Books, ladies and gentlemen.

Indeed, despite the vast and diverse options of videos across the web (which should not be taken lightly at all), books have always been my first learning source that helped me to dive into any baking related topic.

This made it possible for me to write concise learning articles that would put focus on some struggle points first time bakers encounter.

I therefore felt compelled to also include my top recommended baking books on this page.

The first of my baking books: "bake it healthy"

My first baking book- “Bake It Healthy”:

In my videos, you will always find me whipping creams and rolling highly fatty yeasted dough pastries. However, in reality, I am keeping a pretty healthy and balanced life-style, in terms of food consumption and physical activity (gotta balance out somehow all of those sugar and butter 😉). However, I am in no way preventing myself from eating sweet treats and pastries. Yes, there are times when I indulge a bit more, but I also know that there would be times when I will abstain and watch my waistline a little bit better. And that’s totally fine, at least in my eyes.

The first book I wrote, was published on March 2023, and it is about the principles of healthier baking by using ingredients that are considered better for our body. I’ve published this book due to a strong urge I had to share from my knowledge for the good cause of helping people to become more aware of balanced eating, all while paying attention to nutrition facts and the ingredients composing the common foods we are consuming.

In addition to accurate recipes, the book also includes nutrition facts tables for each recipe. The book was published through Amazon KDP and other self-publishing platforms. By clicking the link, you will be able to find more information about my book, as well as the book’s video trailer.

Recommended Baking Books

My Ongoing search after good and trust-worthy baking books is never ending.

Despite the great variety of online resources on this topic, I always felt the need to have a more professional understanding and knowledge that I lacked so much when I just began baking.

The warmest recommendation I would ever give on baking books, would be the ones written by Rose Levy-Beranbaum.

I imagine there are many readers who may have already heard about her, however, my guess is that younger generations are not very familiar with her work, unfortunately. I discovered Rose accidently while browsing the internet for different issues I was facing. I have purchased all of her baking books (11 in total) and they are such an asset, example and a role model to what (in my humble opinion) perfect baking books should be. Especially if they are meant for educational purpose.

I would advise her books are jam-packed with information, each book ranges between 400-500 pages on average. That’s a lot of text to read. Oh, and yes, I’ve read all of them at least twice 😂.

Even at the age of 79 (as of writing of these lines), Rose runs an active baking blog where people can raise questions, to which she actually responds (!!!) even if they were the simplest and most common. She does not judge anyone for their questions, and give remarkably detailed answers (I know since I would blast her with so many questions when I just started).

And here is also my humble commitment to the readers of these lines- whoever finds themselves thoroughly reading Rose’s books, will discover that all answers to all questions had already been found. Allow me explain why:

  1. All recipes are accurate to a great extent, which makes even a first-time baker, succeed without fail or complication. The recipes are written and explained to the very little details.
  2. Each recipe is accompanied by many tips for success, comments and suggested variations.
  3. All books include thorough explanations that are backed by extensive testing done by Rose, in order to achieve the perfect result. In other words, in most cases, Rose had already tried something we previously thought to try, and is sparing us any expected disappointment.
  4. Rose had published separate books on each topic: A book about cakes, breads, pastry, cookies, etc. It really helps you stay focused when trying to study each topic individually.

In conclusion, there is no topic Rose had not covered in her books, and in my eyes, she is my exclusive baking mental mentor 😊

As I see it, anyone who reads all of her baking books, will know how to bake perfectly, no matter what they do or change in a given recipe. This is my little secret that I am happy to share with you, and hope you will check what Rose has to offer in case you are interested!

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