On this page you can select from various recipe categories that you find interesting, explore and try out dozens of my published foolproof recipes. The categories and recipes entries are updated on a regular basis.

The fact that I can now share all knowledge and recipes in one spot, allows you to easily access the topics you are interested in, and allows me to edit the content at any given time in case of errors or if additional clarifications are needed.

All recipes will include a detailed explanation, a TikTok video that you can watch directly on the website, and an image gallery- everything in order to help you get the perfect results. I must highlight that I only publish foolproof recipes that I am happy, and 100% satisfied with, and despite all that, taste and presentation are very individual. You are more than welcome to reach out to me on new ideas or suggestions for improvements.

Sometimes there are topics which may require a further deeper understanding; therefore, I’d recommend checking out the learning section.

I would like to add some additional general explanations on what you can expect to find on the different pages: all desserts recipes I have published over time, are divided here according to different categories for your convenience:

Pound Cakes, Cupcakes and Mousse Cakes:

This dessert categorization was asked for. In fact, it combines everything that is not a classic whipped cream layer cake (which is basically layers of sponges and whipped cream). Pound cakes are the basic of baking that nearly everyone started their baking journey with. At some point I felt that I would like to uplift their visuals.

There are several different kinds of cakes and it is very important to know the basics in order for us to be able to foresee in advanced the expected texture of the cake that will result. These pastries are very versatile and as long as you are not dramatically modifying the basic formula of the cake, you can easily change the flavors, add or subtract inclusions, and they can of course be beautifully decorated, not just with powdered sugar!

Layer Cakes:

The type of desserts I most enjoy to make. This category includes only layer cakes that are composed of soft and delicious sponge, and filled with dairy whipped cream.
In my opinion, if feels extremely satisfying to coat a cake while it spins on the turntable. These cakes require a good and accurate techniques of icing and piping cream, however, the more you practice and with the right equipment [and the right attitude (: ] you will also be able to make impressive whipped cream cakes at home.

The variety of flavors and decorations is practically endless, and personally I love to combine fresh fruit with these cakes. As far as I’m concerned, these cakes are the only ones I am making for birthday parties. Although I like butter a whole lot, I am not a big fan of butter cream in the case of layer cakes, since its texture and flavors are less to my taste.


For those times when we feel like having a small and delicious treat. Fresh and sweet cookies, with various flavors and textures. Personally, I mostly prefer my cookies crunchy and crumbly, however, you can also find cookies recipes that are soft on the inside if that’s what you prefer. Cookies are also a very versatile pastry that allows a lot of room for modifying the flavors, textures and shapes.

Among all types of pastries, I find cookies the most challenging ones to turn aesthetic. To this day, I am looking for out of the box solutions to implement aesthetics whenever I am making cookies (that is, without using cookie contraptions), and my intention is to keep sharing whenever there’s a breakthrough. In this category you can also find cookie recipes that turn out perfectly round without using any special equipment (it all comes down to the recipe!).

Yeasted dough cakes and pastries:

This world would feel incomplete to me without the aroma of yeasted dough cakes and pastries, and the hype around them is certainly justified. Such classic pastries that come in many flavors, made out of ingredients that grant them soft texture and rich flavor. It takes one bite of a warm chocolate babka to make me feel home. It is best to consume them while they are fresh, however, there are some tricks that help keep them moist over time. For an unknown reason, many people still feel intimidating from making their own yeasted dough pastries.

As a matter of fact, yeasted dough cakes were amongst the first cakes I ever made. I loved messing around with the dough and eating the filling as I go. I believe that with the right guidance and accurate recipes, and a lot of patience – you will succeed!

There are many ways to turn yeasted dough pastries into aesthetic pieces, and leading pastry chefs all around the world are demonstrating techniques and pastries that you wouldn’t believe are made out of yeasted dough.


Who doesn’t love a crunchy and flaky pastry. This family of baked goods include pies, tarts, laminated doughs and phyllo dough pastries. They are short lived, mainly because they absorb moisture from the environment, therefore losing their flakiness very fast. However, baking them fresh at home lets you enjoy the true potential they have to offer.

Gluten Free Recipes:

The year is 2024, and towards the approaching Passover, I’ve decided to deep dive into a very important topic- gluten free baking. In this category I will centralize all gluten free recipes I’ve developed, in hope to share more of them as I go. If you’re interested in gluten free baking, I hope you will also read the accompanying explanations available in the learning section and give these recipes a try. It’s a very unique and interesting experience!

Happy baking!

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