Perfect Alfajores אלפחורס מושלמים

Perfect Alfajores

I don’t tend to use superlatives. Each and every one of my recipes is going through a very strict QA test, yet I stay fully aware that “delicious” and “perfect” are 100% subjective descriptions. However, when my extremely picky sister tells me she just simply cannot eat any other alfajores- it takes a whole different

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Gingerbread Cookies עוגיות ג'ינג'רברד

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are an international signal that Christmas is coming, and are most loved for their shape. They store fantastically in the freezer, after they are baked. I adore these cookies so much, and am sure I am not alone. First published: Last modified: Gingerbread Cookies: Equipment: Large gingerbread folks cookie cutter, sized 7.5cm, or

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Rocky Road Cookies עוגיות רוקי רואד

Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky road cookies are American chocolate cookies, that include chocolate chips, almonds and marshmallows, and they’re super easy to make. During the development of this recipe, I wanted my cookies to have a lot of marshmallows in them. To my disappointment, the marshmallows melting during baking made the cookies expand too excessively. I then decided

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